A Very Simple Concept of Peace

Last Christmas Eve, I received a wonderful and encouraging letter from the President. My daughter Abby opened it with excitement, and after reading his letter, she asked if she could keep it. We may all have something to say regarding what are happening around us, and we may all have our default someone to blame, but in the eyes of a growing citizen of this great country of ours, what is paramount is learning respect and love for our country. In the eyes of a child, a leader is someone who will make her/his place in this world a better place to live. They do not know about political parties, politicians at each other’s throat, but just a very simple concept “Peace.” After watching the movie “Unbroken” last night, she told me that she need to write the President a thank you letter. I told her that I already did via e-mail. Then she said, I need to thank him too since like Louis in the movie, he does not give up to something what is right. Enjoy what is left with the Holiday Season everyone.

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