“Neurological and psychiatric risk trajectories in the 2 years after SARS-CoV-2 infection in different age groups and under different variants”

Dr. Maxime Taquet is an NIHR Oxford Health BRC Senior Research Fellow and NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow with clinical psychiatry and engineering backgrounds. Before studying medicine at the University of Oxford, he was a research fellow in engineering at Harvard Medical School and the Boston Children’s Hospital, with which he remained affiliated. He aims to gain a better insight into the complexity of mental illness, including its granular dynamics at the symptom level, its transdiagnostic nature, and its link with the rest of medicine (and COVID-19 in particular), and to translate this insight into treatment targets.

Lecture Recording


To start mining the UK Biobank data for signs that responses to antidepressant treatments are related to brain imaging. This is interesting because if we want to move away from current diagnostic categories then we need something else to compare our candidate biomarkers to and response to treatment is one such variable. Digital phenotype from mobile phone data is another. 

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